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NPM week 3

September is National Preparedness Month

September 17-23


            Step 3:

Build your own plan according to your family’s needs.
When building your kit consider the climate. Plan for hot and cold weather.
How will you pay your bills?
Maintain an emergency savings in case of extended power outage. ATMS do no work during power outage.
Learn the 6 key actions you take to save a life.

Call 911
Remove injured from hazardous areas.
Initiate CPR if unconscious and not breathing.
Stop bleeding by applying pressure to the wound.
Position the injured so that breathing is made easier.
Provide comfort until help arrives.
Know about your community’s response and evacuation plans (e.g., severe weather, extended power outage, nuclear emergency). If you do not own a vehicle or drive, find out in advance what your community’s plans are for evacuating those without a private transportation or make arrangements with a neighbor who would drive you.

If you receive home care, speak with your case manager to see what their plan is in times of emergency and how they can assist you with your plan. 

Through education and preparation, you can assist in many ways during an incident.  For more information visit www.ready.gov/untilhelparrives.