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NPM week 2

September is National Preparedness Month

WEEK 2  September 10 – 16

            Step 2. Plan to help your neighbors and community.

1.  Check on your neighbors!
2   Learn skills you need to help yourself and others such as CPR and first aid.
3   Organize a drill or community meeting to discuss your neighborhood plan.
4   Be familiar with shutting off utilities like gas, water and electricity. This is a key factor. 
5   Be familiar with shelter locations.
6.  Don’t leave pets behind!
7.   Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

Your neighbor may rely on you during an incident.  Don’t wait until the next emergency to get involved.  FEMA has online trainings to help you assist your community and be prepared.  These trainings are free and available at your convenience. www.ready.gov/volunteer